Categories: FoundationPublished On: 13 de May de 2024

During the year 2023, we have witnessed significant progress in our organization. We have faced significant challenges and celebrated notable successes that have contributed to strengthening our mission.

The individuals of Lleida

One area where we have placed special emphasis is on improving care and support for individuals in Lleida and other regions. Through training and the incorporation of new specialized teams, we have successfully integrated individuals from the Terres de Lleida Foundation, a foundation from Lleida that Som – Fundació absorbed in a merger process in 2022. This process tripled the number of assistance services in the Terres de Ponent, prompting us to redefine our service. Lleida,  en un procediment de fusió per absorció l’any 2022. Aquest procediment va fer que tripliquéssim el nombre d’assistències a les Terres de Ponent, per la qual cosa vam haver de redefinir el nostre servei.

Proximity and innovation

This is another significant change our organization has undergone. Our support model has been redefined and improved, incorporating elements of proximity, innovation, and efficiency. As a result of these adjustments, our teams are able to provide more personalized service and collect data that will allow us to monitor the needs of individuals and adjust supports according to their evolution. Modifications to Catalan and Spanish legislation regarding support for legal capacity have served as a catalyst for the review and improvement of our services, although we were already working following the principles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. This has allowed us to adapt quickly to the new legal framework, which shifts the support model from a previously assistive paradigm to one that focuses on individuals’ capacities and empowers them.

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Programs and projects

During 2023, we propelled several projects that significantly enhanced our service to the individuals we support. With the support of Next Generation funds, in consortium with the Germà Tomàs Canet Foundation, we launched an innovative application that enables the individuals we support to fully engage in the services we offer. Additionally, within the framework of the “I Want to Live at Home” project promoting Independent Living, we supported the deinstitutionalization of 10 young people with intellectual disabilities, offering them the opportunity to live autonomously and integrated into the community. Furthermore, thanks to the “Accompany Me” program, we accompanied individuals to all medical appointments throughout 2023, regardless of their economic means, and conducted over 9,000 accompaniments in total. These projects bear witness to our continued commitment to improving and expanding our services for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

Goodbye, Covid!

A més, en el 2023 vam sortir definitivament de l’època COVID. I ho vam fer recuperant esdeveniments tradicionals i significatius, tant per a nosaltres com per a les persones a qui acompanyem. Parlem dels i de la trobada a la  A més, a finals d’any vam fer dues proves pilot per celebrar trobades d’oci participatives.

Moreover, in 2023, we definitively emerged from the COVID era. We did so by reclaiming traditional and significant events, both for us and for the individuals we support. We’re talking about Christmas and Epiphany dinners and the gathering at the Feria de Abril. Additionally, at the end of the year, we conducted two pilot tests to organize participatory leisure gatherings.

In summary, our activity report for 2023 reflects Som – Fundació’s commitment to the quality of life for individuals with intellectual disabilities. We will continue working with determination to ensure a more inclusive future for everyone. We deeply appreciate the constant support and trust on this journey towards a fairer and more equitable society.