Categories: Sin categoríaPublished On: 28 de June de 2021

2020 has been an atypical year for everyone. And for the people who are part of Som – Fundació as well. However, it has also allowed us to discover that neither a global pandemic is capable of slowing down our activity nor our determination to continue giving the best of ourselves to the persons we serve.
From the first moment, our organization was able to adapt to the circumstances, and adopted a mixed system of remote and face-to-face work was adopted and a hygiene and health protocol was implemented to protect our workers and the people we serve. And with the pride of having overcome (and continue to overcome) this great adversity, we present the 2020 Activities Report. A year in which, despite everything, we have done a lot of things.

We have promoted the Cognitive Accessibility program to facilitate the autonomy and participation of people with intellectual disabilities and that has had the participation of a group of professionals from Som – Fundació and another of users, who help us make the information of our internal channels or our website.
We have also started a collaboration with MediaVerse project, we have become members of the Fundación Lealtad and we have learned that our social value has increased by 7% in 2019 compared to the previous year.
In addition, we continue to work on the initiatives we already had in place, such as the independent living facilitator programme Vull viure a casa (I want to live at home). Also the inclusive volunteering program #JoTbPuc which, in 2020, was awarded with the 3rd Volunteering Prize promoted by the Catalan Government.
Also noteworthy is the Som Companys project, which during the pandemic had the initiative to create Friendship Calls, to give emotional support to other persons users we served during confinement.
Do you want to know more? We have all the data in the 2020 Activities Report that you will find on our website. Click here to learn more!