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Support in decision-making

On September 3rd, 2021,
a new national law
removed the guardianship
and replaced it with a support system.

This means that people with intellectual disabilities
have rights before the law
and they can make their own decisions,
with supports from other people
that can help them in different areas of their lives
when they need it.

Catalan law will also have to comply with this new law.
At the moment, a decree law has been approved
which sets rules for these supports.

At Som — Fundació we provide these supports
to the intellectually disabled people we support:

It is a representative figure
which acts in interest and protection
of those people
that they can not do it on their own.

Social support

A team formed by the reference person
and social assistant are in charge of social support.
From Som — Fundació,
we strive to include all people
which we support
in society and in the labour market.
We do this by defending their independence
and we support them in case of emergency.
We also accompany them
in their day-to-day activities
and we stand by them.

All this,
taking into account people’s participation
when building and making decisions
about their future and their life
and taking into account what they want
and their preferences.

Administrative and accounting support

This support is formed
by different accounting
and administrative teams.
They work for the people we support
and help them organize their money.
They also do the reports
which they must present to the court.

Is the area that manage the money
of the persons we support.

Legal support

The legal experts of Som — Fundació
are lawyers.
They help the people we support
to gain access to the administration of justice,
to answer questions about laws
and if they need it,
defend their rights.

Person who has studied laws.
Gives advice on legal matters.
He/her also defends his clients in trials
or when speaking with the judge.

Administration of justice
Group of people and organizations
in charge of applying
laws in a country.

Support volunteering

The volunteers of Som — Fundació
accompany people with intellectual disabilities
who we support
in his free time.

Would you like to volunteer with us?