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Cristina A. has lived in residences and residential centers since she was 18 years old. She defines herself as an autonomous and self-sufficient person who needs some support to live just like other people who do not have a recognized disability.

She considers that, until now, she has been very guarded by the rules of the centers where she has lived and that she has come to feel very limited. I was convinced I could do so much more.

She has always struggled to demonstrate her abilities in order to get her independent living project started. When her referent confirmed to her that there was a possibility of sharing a flat with other colleagues, she could not believe it. She thought that when that time came, she would jump for joy, but she had waited so long that she had lost some hope of getting it, and she reacted differently to what she had always imagined.

vida-independent-persones-discapacitatDuring the month of December 2020, she went to see the apartment and met her future colleagues, with whom she had previously met at some Christmas Lunch of the foundation. The first impression was that the apartment was very large and could finally have a space of her own.

After a month of living together, she values the experience positively. She emphasizes that her flat mates are exceptional and well organized with household chores. They have a schedule of tasks, which indicates who is responsible for doing them and how often they should be done. A home support person visits them four days a week to organize purchases, review tasks, and discuss issues as they arise.

On the other hand, she emphasizes that she is a very respectful person and is getting used to the rules of coexistence that are already established, but perhaps, over time, she would propose some changes to her flat mates.

After a month of living in this apartment, she has begun to feel new emotions, such as the freedom to decide what she wants and when she can do it.

She believes that she brings joy to her flat mates and entertains them with her drawings, which is one of her hobbies. She is interested in doing some training, either in computer subjects, to gain more autonomy with new technologies, or to attend courses that help her in his work.

She would like this experience to be the first step in getting to live as a couple in the future, although she does not rule out living alone, because she is very restless and independent.