Inclusive volunteering

#JoTbPuc (I can do it too, in Catalan)
is an inclusive volunteering program
intended for people with intellectual disabilities
whom the foundation gives support.
The program promotes the right
to participate in social life,
as a way for their social integration,
changing their role:
they become people who gives support,
instead of receiving it.

That integrates anyone
in the community life
regardless of their origin, profession,
financial situation or thought.

Inclusive volunteering #JoTbPuc
was born with the aim of empowering in a different way
people with intellectual disabilities.

Margui Grau is in charge of this inclusive volunteering program
where participate professionals other professionals of the foundation.


Give the person tools
to increase their strength.

Collaborative work is carried out with other entities
which promotes social values
as respect, tolerance,
and justice.

All participants give a very positive assessment,
especially by volunteers
which highlight the following aspects:

  • Feel good doing something they like.
  • Be able to help and be useful in activities.
  • Be a part of a team of people without intellectual disabilities.
  • That their abilities are valued.

The program also adds value
to organizations that host people with different abilities
in their equipment, because:

  • Encourages the integration of people with disabilities
    through volunteering.
  • They create new activities and more enriching points of view.
  • Get other people meet and show interest
    for rights and capabilities
    of people with intellectual disabilities.
    The promote positive impression of people with disabilities
    before dealing with them.

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Regarding the opinions of other people
other than ours.