Categories: Sin categoríaPublished On: 8 de May de 2020

We begin the process of de-escalation in our foundation, taking into account the regulations contemplated in the State of Alarm. In order to be able to carry it out, we have elaborated a Contingency Plan, in relation with the exceptional risk of exposition to the Covid-19, in order to protect our workers from the existing biological risk. We are going to stablish, as well, preventive measures in the organization, before a hypothetical new outbreak of the virus that allows us to be prepared to maintain capacity and continue giving support to the people with intellectual disability we care for. The objectives of the plan are:

  • Protection of health and safety of our workers.
  • Collaboration with the health authorities.
  • Minimise the effects derived from this situation and guarantee the continuity of the developed activities until now.

From the 11th of May on, each week two professionals will be added to the current groups that, in alternative turns, attend to the users that go to our office to develop a management. The rest of our professionals will go on doing teleworking and all the interventions of support required by the persons we attend regularly.

Our timetable of attention will be the same: from 9 h to 17 h from Mondays to Thursdays, and from 9 h to 15 h on Fridays. The team of urgencies will continue attending the situations that may arise out of this timetable.

Concerning the direct attention, we have decided to take the following measures in order to reduce the risk of contagion among the staff or the persons users:

  • Only the strictly unavoidable tasks and visits will be carried out in a face-to-face manner, and with the suitable equipment of prevention of risks.
  • Attend the users with the personal protective equipment and respecting always the physical distances.
  • Intensify the telephone supports and video calls of the users.

This Contingency Plan includes as well an extended list of preventive measures to be adopted by the professional team that goes to our headquarters, among which these are the most important ones:

  • Compulsory use of personal protective equipment at the reception desk to attend persons external to the foundation.
  • Keep always the safety distance from our working companions.
  • Limitation of the presence of the number of professionals in our desks and offices and in the different areas of the offices.
  • Reduction of dace-to-face meetings with professionals of other entities.
  • Intensification of hygiene: personal as well as in all our facilities.