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Som Companys-persones-discapacitat

The Som Companys group finally met in person on October 20th. Not all members of the group were able to meet because there were some who were locked down as a precautionary measure, for having kept in touch with a person who had tested positive for Covid-19. We take this opportunity to wish them much encouragement in these days of confinement.

However, Sara Q., Antonio R. and Santi M. were able to stay with the group coordinators – Carla A., Jennifer J. and Montse G. The first moments of the meeting were very emotional because they had not seen each other since March. They avoided hugs and kept preventive measures at all times and the safety distance with the corresponding mask well put on.

The coordinators organized a trip to the Park of Montjuïc to enjoy a walk in nature and share an afternoon of conversation in which they explained how they had spent these turbulent months. They also talked about the issues that concern them and the activities they have carried out to improve their mood during this stage.

After the moments of confidence, they took the opportunity to answer the evaluation survey of the group of Som Companys that they carry out every year. This assessment allows to know the aspects most appreciated by the members of the group and, at the same time, to identify which are the subjects and / or activities that have to improve to continue strengthening this project.

Once homework was done, they enjoyed the little “individual picnic” that they had prepared to gather Som Companysstrength and continue with the walk they had planned. They set out to get to the Mayor’s Viewpoint but it did not give them time because it was getting dark and they had to come back sooner than they thought. During the walk, they enjoyed good views of Barcelona. Some of them tried to find the most emblematic buildings in the city and identify the neighbourhoods where they live.

They ended up listening to music in the most unexpected way. Sara was wearing a T-shirt that had part of the lyrics of a song printed on it and they all did some research to identify it. In the end, they got it and enjoyed the music!

Everyone was very happy to meet in person and confessed that they are very eager to return to the normality.

It was a very endearing afternoon. They got excited about the meeting, caught up on the experiences of those months and had a great time sharing jokes and laughter.

We hope that next time they will be able to meet the rest of their classmates and not have to wait that long to see them.