Categories: Sin categoríaPublished On: 8 de September de 2021

Discover our facilities and our team through this 360 virtual tour, which has been possible thanks to a collaboration agreement with the research group TransMedia Catalonia (UAB), within the framework of MediaVerse project.

Today we present to you in scoop the 360 virtual tour that the researchers of the TransMedia Catalonia have created. They are working for the MediaVerse(*) project. This project investigates and creates new formats and audiovisual content, while making them accessible to people with different disabilities.


Som Fundacio 360 graus


On this tour, our colleague Raúl, coordinator of the social area, will lead you through the different spaces of our headquarters: you will start in the reception, walk through the social area, where the social team works, the management office, the accounting and legal area… even the dining room! As you progress through the tour, some of our professionals will appear and will introduce themselves and explain their role. Its presentation is also adapted to people with visual and hearing disabilities.

This tour, which we present today for the first time, will be available on our future new website, which is currently in the process of reconstruction and adaptation to easy reading.
For us, this tour represents a first contact with immersive technologies and shows us, at the same time, how they could help people with disabilities. Undoubtedly, this is the beginning of a beautiful and long friendship.

We are looking forward to keep working with the guys of TransMedia Catalonia and with MediaVerse project, to continue exploring the possibilities of technology at the service of people.

* MediaVerse (GA No. 957252) is a project funded by the H2020 program of the European Commission.