Categories: Sin categoríaPublished On: 9 de March de 2020

Valentí C. has been nominated to the Premi Esportista de Terrassa 2019 in the category of “adapted sport for persons with intellectual disability” in the event Night of the Sport. The event, organised by the Municipality and the Diari of Terrassa took place on March 6th, meant to reward the sportsmen and women of the town who had significant sportive results in different competitions and/or in sport events.

esport-inclusiu-Valentí C. is part of the team of hockey Egara-Fupar and competes in Inclusive League BBVA hockey plus. He has played hockey since he was seven and practises as well soccer and petanque.

In the interview before the prizes ceremony, he told us that he enjoys very much practising sports.

When his coach told him about his nomination, he felt very happy and a bit nervous, too. This is the second time, he told us, that he achieved this nomination. In addition, although esport-inclusiu-persones-discapacitathe did not win on the first occasion, he has good memories of that night, because he had the chance of sharing a photo with Xavi Hernández, Barcelona former soccer player.

Valentí was accompanied to the Teatre Principal in Terrassa by Ivan Matilla, social auxiliary. He said to Ivan that “he would like to win, but, in case he did not, he would not be upset, because at least he has had the opportunity of participating”.

This year, has not been possible either… but he will go on striving and enjoying sport. Congratulations for the nomination!