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Jerónimo N. and Miquel R. met on August 14th, 2020, although they have been with the foundation for some time, and began sharing a flat a week later. They had a few days to get to know each other, but they got along very well.

vida-independent-persones-discapacitat-This time of pandemic has not been an obstacle to starting a project as important as independent living. The foundation team made the corresponding changes to the apartment where they were going to live to adapt it to their needs, and made some arrangements to make their daily lives easier and coordinated the necessary supports to promote an aspect as important as coexistence. There are still some details that will not take long to arrive.

Miquel used to live in Princesa Street with his family. He says he was fine, but it was time for independence. He continues to maintain a close relationship with his sister, whom he visits every fortnight and continues to help the rest of his family. But when Sunday arrives… this day is reserved exclusively for him.

During the interview, Miquel explained that he is a fan of Barceloneta because he lived there for some years. He loves the events that are usually held and on Sundays, he takes the opportunity to walk around the neighbourhood. He was swimming at the Club Natació Atlètic Barceloneta and is now hoping to resume this activity in the neighbourhood of his life soon.

Jerónimo is a veteran on sharing a flat with other colleagues. He told us that most of his experiences have been positive and the area he has enjoyed the most has been the borough of Sants, where he has lived until now. He tells us that he loved the restaurants, the shops, and, of course, the neighbourhood parties.

In terms of activities, Jerónimo was part of a theatre group, but he still has to overcome his stage fright to act in a play in front of an audience. He also attended computer classes at the adult school, a training he hopes to resume after the pandemic, and tells us that he would also like to take mechanics classes.

Both Jerónimo and Miquel felt very identified with the neighbourhoods of their former residences. They indicate that life has not changed much for them in the new apartment because, fortunately, they can continue their activities close to where they live.

Both emphasize that coexistence has been very easy. They have had no incidents. They have vida-independent-discapacitat-intel·lectualvery compatible characters. They organize themselves quickly for daily tasks and for watching TV. Jerónimo points out that at first he thought they would have a problem with the TV but they have coordinated very well. They watch programs separately and occasionally choose a show that they both like to watch together.

They have a home support person who goes there three days a week to help them with cleaning, personal hygiene, shopping and food. The rest of the week is already organized for the rest of the chores and to keep the house well. On weekends, Miquel walks around Barceloneta or takes part in a leisure activity of the Federació Acell. Jerónimo shares some outings with Francesc B. and Xavier O., his volunteer. Now, they do activities separately.

Throughout the interview, they both told us that they were very lucky to meet. They still need to improve some things on the floor, but when it comes to living together, they get along very well and “feel comfortable sharing this experience together.” Miquel adds that “you have to be willing to reach agreements to live together, because if you look for problems you will surely find them“. An ideal approach to achieve a good coexistence!