Categories: FoundationPublished On: 7 de August de 2022

We introduce you to José. José is a person with intellectual disabilities who we support in making decisions who lives independently, at home. His social reference, Raquel, sends us this photo, where he smiles with satisfaction after reviewing the easy-to-read accountability sheet with her. 

persona con discapacidad

What is the performance of accounts in easy reading?

As an entity that supports legal capacity in decision-making, we assume the management of the areas in which a person with an intellectual or developmental disability needs help, such as economic help, and we must be accountable to the courts for this management annually, biennially or triennially, depending on what the provision says.

Thus, accountability is a document that shows how the person’s economy is managed. We present to the judicial authority an economic report, the inventory of assets, the accounting document in ordinary reading and, since 2017, the adapted accounting, which has been previously examined and signed by the person we support.

With the adaptation of the account performance document, users can know in a simple and accessible way the status of their accounts and understand the management carried out by the foundation. It is a document elaborated in a very didactic way, with different colors to optimize comprehension and it is delivered to people who live independently or who have a high degree of autonomy.

First document adapted by us in easy reading

The rendering of accounts was a first document adapted to easy reading in our foundation, even before the creation of the Cognitive Accessibility program, which was subsequently validated with our team of validators. The idea arose from a meeting in 2015 with the organizations Futudís and Futubide.

We wanted to make the users participate in the supervision of the management of their economy, so that they could understand that most abstract and complex part of the support they receive. In addition, we also felt that we wanted to advance in transparency, go beyond what is required. In fact, the person can make comments and contributions when the social or accounting representative presents and explains the document. Contributions that the judge also examines.

chica trabajando en oficina

This year, our accounting references have adapted practically 200 accounts, which they have presented through social references or through the accounting references themselves to the people we support. For us it is a great satisfaction to see how, through images like José’s, people know and participate in our management and (the icing on the cake), in addition, are satisfied.