Categories: Foundation, Futur Planning, Sin categoríaPublished On: 16 de March de 2020

The group of Som Famílies, formed by 9 families of the programme Planificació de Futur, had a meeting for the first time on March, 4th in the office of our foundation. Anna Maria C., mother of David C. and dynamizer of the WhatsApp group created to enable the relationship among them, has commented us that the meeting was so pleasant and profitable that it resulted very short for them.

Once everybody was introduced, they shared the subjects they are more concerned about, which are related with the attention to their relatives. They grouped them as follows:

  • Present
    How to face the current situation and the matters abut daily life.
  • Future
    Face solutions in matters that affect the care of their relatives when the families are not any longer.

The families appreciated that the future meetings will serve to help each other, to search information and resources with professionals and entities in order to solve the current issues that concern them.

Concerning the topics related to the future of their relatives, the participants decided to elaborate a first draft with the most relevant issues and apply for advice to the professionals of the foundation:

  • Financial and patrimonial management, addressed to the administrative and accountable area.
  • Supports to homes or residential homes, medical attention, leisure and work activities, addressed to the social area.
  • Process of assignment of guardianships and management of inheritances, addressed to the juridical area.

This list is to be completed with the contributions pf the families in order to deal everything that worries them related to the future of their relatives. At the same time, there will be a coordination with the different areas of the foundation with the purpose of solving doubts that may arise in the next meetings.

suport-famílies-persones-amb-discapacitatFinally, the families also created the name and the logo of the group that from now on will be used to inform about the activities and proposals to be carried out in the future.

If you belong to a family of the programme of Planificació de Futur and want to take part of the group Som Famílies, you must send an email to with your name and telephone number and Nuria Mañes, the person in charge of the programme, will provide your data to Anna C., dynamizer of the group.