Categories: Sin categoríaPublished On: 27 de February de 2020

som-companys-persones-discapacitat-intel.lectualThe sessions carried out by the group Som Companys (we are colleagues) during the two first months of 2020 have been devoted to do an assessment of the activities done during 2019 and expose the topics to deal during this year. The most outstanding results were the following:

  • Increase the participation of the members in the management of the group.
    – Write the Minutes of the day
    – Be the moderator of the session
    – Designate a person responsible of reminding the participants the day of the meetings
  • Most valued activities
    – Workshop of sex-affectivity
    – Workshop of healthy habits
    – Roll playing about gender violence
    – Visit to Museu Blau
    – Leisure outings
  • Activities proposed for 2020
    – Visit Museums
    – Leisure activities: Circus, Tibidabo, Primavera Sound
    – Roll-playing of relationships with relatives
  • Advance the time of the meetings to favour the assistance of all the members
  • Why do you like to be part of the group?
    – I like meeting people
    – I leant to enjoy myself
    – I like talking about topics I am interested in
    – Because I am part of my Foundation
    – Because we carry out funny activities

fem-acta-som-companys-apoderament-One of the first requested proposals was already carried out in the January meeting: write the Minutes. From now on, in each meeting there will be a designated person in charge of elaborating the minutes of the session.

In the February session, the group established a calendar of activities of 2020 among which there are several leisure outings to be detailed during the next months depending on the availability and the organisation of the next workshops:

  • March:            Toxic Relationships
  • April:               Workshop on recycling
  • May:                Last wills and will
  • September:    Healthy life
  • October:         Support to decision-making

The actions suggested are very varied and are addressed to encourage the participation of the assistants and the consolidation of the group.