Categories: Sin categoríaPublished On: 18 de May de 2020

In the meeting that the group Som Companys held on May 6th, technology did not favour them their virtual meeting, via zoom. However, the professionals of this team – Carla Arcos, Jennifer Jiménez and Montse Gozálvez– found a solution to that problem: make different calls with all the members to comment them the topics they were planned to deal in the meeting.

Before this situation of a long lockdown we are going through, some members of the group of Som Companys proposed to carry out several activities to help other persons with intellectual disabilities under the support of the foundation. One of these activities was to make phone calls to other users with the purpose of cheering them up, and talk about topics they have in common and / or sharing some moments of chatting.

From the foundation, we thought very interesting to carry out this proposal in this time of lockdown, because it is a good alternative to enlarge the social networks of our users and, at the same time, combat their isolation.

Montse Gozálvez, one of the professionals who dynamises the group Som Companys will be in charge of informing about this activity to the rest of the teams of support of the entity in order to identify the persons who might be interested in this type of calls. They will be grouped suport-companys-amb-discapacitataccording to their affinities to favour their relationship. Later, the volunteer of the Som Companys will receive the data of the persons assigned to be able to start the phone contacts.

Currently, there are already four people of the group Som Companys that have offer themselves to make calls. Rafi V. has been the first to contact with the person assigned la Mercedes C. In addition, after sharing a chat during several calls, they have established a relationship of friendship between them. They have discovered that they have many hobbies and interests in common and they enjoy very much their calls. They are now preparing a real meeting for the near future.

This result encourages us to promote this type of actions among the persons attended by the foundation because we understand that we will succeed in improving the quality of life of the supporter as well as that of the person helped.