Categories: Futur Planning, Sin categoríaPublished On: 15 de June de 2020

planificació-futur-pretutelaThe family Álvarez García, that has taken part in the programme Futur Planning since 2011, explained to us their life in time of lockdown. Antonia, Rafael, Adrián and Elisabeth are very active persons and they have organised themselves very well to do all the daily tasks and share activities that have helped them to overcome this situation.

Rafael has been responsible of the shopping, and has been in charge of providing the necessary products for the family. Before each outing, he was covered with all the protective measures in order to reduce the risk of infection. He also had to do some chores, and occasionally, he prepared their meals, because he likes cooking.

Antonia did not go out much during this period because if “someone had to get ill, at least it would be only one of the family“, This way, she had the guarantee that she could go on supporting her children and her father- in-law. Even, during phase 2, she went on controlling her outings. But, as she is a very solidary person, she had “the need to do something to help people” and, during the first weeks, she found the way to collaborate by sewing masks. He looked for materials she had at home and found several alternatives: fabric, bags and a model with a filter. Such an artist! Rafael commented us that he distributed the mask to a large part of the neighbourhood.

Once a week, Adrián met virtually some fellows of the Servei Ocupacional d’Integració de la Fundació Badalona Capaç. In these meetings, they shared experiences and attended a workshop. Now, he is doing a cuisine workshop. His family are very pleased because Adrian prepares his menu, at least once a week.

Elisabeth has kept during these months virtual contact with his flatmates and her friends of the Associació Catalana d’Espina Bífida I Hidrocefàlia. In their meetings they talked about the things that worried them and took advantage to imagine outings that they might do after the pandemic. They even arrived at planning leisure activities that they would like to carry out during their holidays. This year, they had planned to go to Cádiz, but they have been told that it is not possible now. Elisabeth says that “it doesn’t matter and that next year it will be different”.

treballs-manuals-pretutelaBesides, the family devoted the afternoons to build a house. Adrián, who is very skilful with handicraft, proposed to make a cardboard house and with the collaboration of the whole family, they started to make it. In the interview, he commented us, manualidades-pretutelalaughing, that as he hadn’t drawn the plans previously, they had to improvise, and they have still many detail to get finished. But according to the photos he has sent us, nobody would say. They even have put a Jacuzzi on the terrace of the house. What a luxury house!

Antonia and Rafael said that is still soon to be aware of all the consequences of the lockdown. They added that they have learnt that it is very important to stay together and, without any doubt, be healthy. For this reason, they have done their best to avoid any infection and protect their family.