Categories: Support decision makingPublished On: 25 de August de 2022

August is here, and with it, a period of well-deserved rest and disconnection for the majority of the Spanish population, including the persons with intellectual disabilities that we support. Today there are several accessible tourism and holiday’s options for people with disabilities. Whichever option is chosen, and whether they are unemployed or working, what is clear to us is that this is a very important moment that must be respected and promoted: it is time to break with the usual routine, to put soak in it, ice cream, nights in the fresh air, having fun and doing extraordinary things.

Accessible tourism

As we said, there are several accessible tourism options designed by companies or organizations that organize holidays for people with intellectual disabilities. This year, a handful of people we support spent a few days away with the Federació ACELL , which organizes every year specific tourist stays in Catalonia, Spain and Europe for people with intellectual disabilities.

The groups are structured according to the support needs of each person and their age. In this way, everyone can enjoy the holidays with people with similar interests and thus promote meeting new people and the possibility for them to make friends.

But not all people with intellectual disabilities spend their holidays like this, with an organized trip. Many others take the opportunity to visit family for a few days, travel as a couple or stay at home, but doing different things tha usual. Those who have a higher degree of autonomy and work for an ordinary company (which in our organization are only the 4%, approximately), sometimes go on a trip alone.

Sara’s holidays

This is the case of Sara, a woman we support, who has done a solo route through Greece this year. Sara is a woman with a high degree of autonomy who has a strong interest in ancient cultures, history and archaeology. That’s why a circuit was organized around the Hellenic country, which started on the island of Santorini and continued through Athens, Olympia and ended in Delphi. Just take a look at the photos to understand that she had a very good time.

Whichever option is chosen, the most important thing is to take into account the positive impact of this period of the year and enjoy it according our possibilities, desires and preferences.

Have a nice holiday!