Categories: FoundationPublished On: 9 de May de 2022

We present the 2021 Activity Report. 
The Activity Report is a document
which shows the most important numbers of an entity during the previous year.
In the Activity Report of Som — Fundació
you can check specific information about the persons that we support,
voluntary people, people who are part of the Som Futur program
and how our programs and projects have improved the quality of life 
of the people we support.


activity report


The year 2021 has meant a before and an after
in the care of people with disabilities
for the approval of the legal reform
which eliminates guardianship and replaces it with a support system
when making decisions.
This implies a change of perspective
in the support of people with intellectual disabilities.
This support goes from a model of legal incapacitation
to another based on the person’s capabilities
and in the possibility of building a vital project
based on your will, wishes and preferences.
Quite a challenge for decision-making support entities.