Commitment and social responsibility

The organization is committed to the people we support and with society
to identify and make visible that social rights are respected.
If not, we demand responsibility from all society .

It is based on:

• The accompaniment.
We provide professional support because to the persons we support
in order they can build their life project.
For example:
If you need it, we can accompany you to the doctor
and support you during the visit.

• Integrity.
Ensuring the rights of people in different situations,
with respect for their lives, so that they have a good growth.
For example:
We meet with you and the people around you
to know what needs you have before making a decision.

• Justice.
Quality of judging according to the truth,
and to give each person what he deserves.
For example:
Being able to vote in elections.

• Humanism.
Responsibility of each person for his/her behavior as it affects the rest of society.
For example:
Throw papers in the trash and keeping the streets clean is everyone’s business.