Public health accompanying

This project is aimed at the people we support
that need some kind of support
and who do not have sufficient income
to be able to pay for this service.

Accompaniments can be:

Medical visits.
Job interviews.
Family visits
Carrying out procedures.
Leisure outings and free time.

The general objective of the Acompanya’m project
is to improve attention
of people with intellectual disabilities
that we serve at Som – Fundació.

We give them the support of a person who accompanies them
to ensure that their basic needs are met.

It is very important that the people we serve
have this accompanying support
in the health space.

This support ensures that persons we support
go to medical appointments
and receive support so that they do not have communication problems
with the healthcare workers.

In this way, we achieve:

  • Know health problems in time
    and be able to have treatment.
  • Strict treatment follow-up.
  • Avoid early damages
    in their health.

The project is focused on the need
of an accompaniment to visits
and medical tests, but it is also available for:

  • To cover the social relations needs of this group.
  • Improve the relationship with your family by encouraging visits.
  • Make it easier to understand the information they receive,
    whether from health-related professionals,
    or public bodies, to do any administrative management.