Categories: VolunteeringPublished On: 5 de December de 2023

Today, International Volunteer Day, we want to celebrate and recognize the incredible work carried out by those who decide to dedicate their time to accompanying people with intellectual disabilities. At Som — Fundació we have a group of committed volunteers who offer support and company during the free time of those who need it. 1 in 5 have been with us for more than 10 years.

In fact, the impact of our volunteers on the lives of those we serve is profoundly significant. Their presence breaks the routine by sharing various activities: from hobbies, sports and cultural events to walks, meals or simply relaxed moments drinking a coffee in a pleasant environment. In addition, from time to time, we organize group activities, such as attending concerts, theater, or visits to recreational and historical spaces. All this has a very positive impact on the person served: it contributes to their personal development and social inclusion and improves their quality of life.

Furthermore, we must also thank all the companies that encourage volunteerism among their workers. This is the case with Caixabank and Loteries de Catalunya, which often collaborate with us in fun and enjoyable activities with the people we support.

The superpower of volunteering

But the superpower of volunteering is this: the person who receives it is not the only one who benefits from it. If you become a volunteer, you will gain a friend who will always be there and care about you. You will be a direct witness to their progress and every time you meet, you will experience the incomparable satisfaction of making someone happy. Listen to the story of Tatiana and Constancio, Som – Foundation volunteers.

We don’t want to forget the superpower of volunteer work when it is carried out by the people we accompany through the programa de voluntariat inclusiu #JoTbPuc, which we will tell you about later.

They say time is gold… so why not invest it in what really matters? If you want to change lives and be part of a positive impact, join volunteering and discover the magic of making a difference in a person’s life. Together, we can build a more inclusive and kinder world for everyone.