Collaborate with Som Fundació

There are very good reasons
to collaborate with Som — Fundació.
Thanks for your cooperation,
the people we support
can be accompanied to the doctor
or participate in inclusive volunteering activities
or continue living at home.
Where would you preffer to collaborate?

Your contribution has tax benefits (only for Spain’s residents)

With your contribution
you will pay less taxes.
If you contribute with 150 euros,
or with a smaller amount
the tax authorities will return the 75%
of the money contributed.
If you contribute more than 150 euros
they will give you back the 30%
of the money contributed.

Inclusive volunteering:
Volunteering is a group of people with intellectual disabilities
who a part of their free time to serve others,
without expecting anything in return.
Inclusion means facilitating that all people
have access to participation under equal conditions.

Your contribution

    1 Choose your contribution

    • To facilitate their participation in inclusive volunteering activities.

    • To ensure that he is always accompanied to medical visits.

    • So that he can continue to live in his home with a support.

    • To improve their social inclusion and their quality of life!

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