Categories: Support decision makingPublished On: 19 de February de 2020

Montse S. had the opportunity of participating in the audition of the programme Auténticos, which tries to accompany persons with disabilities to achieve their important goals. The programme has six episodes and being released since January 15 on Sexta TV Channel, on Tuesdays at 22.30 hours.

One of Montse’s dreams has always been to be able to enrol in a course of theatre at the Escola d’Arts Escèniques de Manresa. To achieve this, she needed to pass certain proves, such as a certain level of English.

At the end of August, she was confirmed that she had been chosen to participate in the programme, and started a period full of emotions and many tasks: she had to prepare herself to pass the access exam, due to take place at the end of November.

During this period, Montse has lived many emotions that she explains to us in this interview:
What do you think about the proposal of participating in an audition?
When I was proposed, I thought it was crazy. And I started to be worried, although I was promised that I would always be accompanied during the recordings.

Did you ever think that you would be one of the protagonists of the programme?
In the beginning, I never thought so. During the first interview with the journalist I was a bit nervous, but moments later, I felt quite comfortable sharing with her the history of my life. The following day, I realised that the director was interested in the history of my life, but there were many candidates. I had many doubts about that.

Autenticos-persones-discapacitatWhat was your reaction when you were told that you were going to be one of the protagonists of the programme?
I was overwhelmed. The first thing I thought was: Where have I got myself into this time? Then, I realised that many people would see me on TV, because it was a national wide programme. Besides, I was quite unsecure.

How was the first day of recording?
I did not know that they would record me, and it was a great surprise to meet Chicote during the rehearsal of the theatre. The theatre colleagues and the persons of the foundation happened to be there at the time and I call them all the names under the sun.

But, the moment I was most aware of what it meant to participate in the programme was when Chicote accompanied me to collect the information about the access proves to the course of theatre. Then, I became very aware of having got into a hassle, because I did not know if I could pass the exam. I knew I had some chances of passing the prove of interpretation because I was quite confident on the stage, but I was not confident at all about my level of English.

What was the most outstanding moment of all this experience? Why?
The most important moment was when I was informed that I have passed the access exam. I wanted to pass the proves at the first attempt, because if not, it would be very difficult to try it again. Besides, when you are preparing yourself, you have low moments and your mind becomes confused. That is why I wanted to pass at the first attempt.

Autenticos-disCapacitatAnd what was the hardest moment, if there was any?
It was one of the first days. One day when I was rehearsing a monologue at home and I was blocked. At that moment, I was about to give up because I did not feel confident to go on. But they stopped the recording and I went on with it. Later, one day when I rehearsed the monologue at the theatre, it went much better and I relaxed a bit.

How would you value this experience?
It has been a very positive experience for me. Although some days were quite hard, because the recording went on for hours and hours, it has been a nice experience: we have had a lot of laugh during the recordings and the recording team has always helped me a lot.

And, from now on; what are your plans for the future?
So, I want to start a new course next September. And then, I want to get the best qualifications as possible. If I get this, I want to try to arrive at the world of professional theatre. I want to go all in!
If you want to see the programme Auténticos click here