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El voluntariat que es torna amistat

The Municipal Institute for People with Disabilities (IMPD) relies on people with disabilities and the entities that represent them to work for an accessible and inclusive Barcelona.
This year, they have to choose the people who will be part of the new Governing Council of the Institute and they have decided to hold elections to choose the 10 people with disabilities or functional diversity in the city who will represent this group.
These 10 people will be able to propose and decide how the municipal services and actions that directly affect them should be. Carme P. has decided to run for these elections with the support of Som – Fundación. She is very clear that it is an opportunity to improve the city for all the people who live in Barcelona, ​​regardless of their abilities.
eleccions-consell-rector-impdShe affirms that through her experience and experiences she can contribute many ideas to the Governing Council to improve people’s mobility. Her disability has never prevented her from doing things, but she is aware of the inconveniences she has encountered when moving around the city in a wheelchair: steps, improperly parked cars… or she has not even found accessible information about the services that interested her.
Carme is a very active person and likes to participate in neighbourhood activities. She has collaborated with the Commission for people with disabilities in the Old Town to reduce architectural barriers in the area, and sensitize people in the neighbourhood about the need to create accessible spaces.
She also had the opportunity to intervene in a TV3 report on affective sex, where she shared her experience and explained the importance of affective relationships in people with intellectual disabilities.
Carme has very clear ideas, she is very active and very demanding. We are sure that, if she is chosen, she will do a great job with the rest of the people who are part of the Governing Council.
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