Complaint channel

Who can use it?
The Complaint Channel is a communication tool.
It can be used by employees of the organization
as well as other people who have a relationship with the entity.
For example:
• Users.
• Volunteers.
• Customers.
• Families.
• People who collaborate with the organization.
• Donors


The Complaint Channel has two purposes.
On the one hand,
resolve legal or ethical questions
about some behavior.

On the other hand,
receive complaints about actions or behaviors
which go against the law
or the entity’s Code of Conduct.
Som — Fundació is in charge
to resolve these complaints.

A set of rules and regulations
that govern behavior of people.
Ethics is about people.
For example:
About what is good or bad.


The Responsible for Compliance
is in charge of the Complaint Channel
with the help of professionals outside the organization.
They all take the necessary steps
to answer questions and complaints.

People who want to resolve any legal
or ethical questions can send an email to:
Email should include:
• The person’s name and surname.
• A contact telephone.
• Explanation of doubts or facts
that are to be resolved.
• If necessary, a document can be attached
to give more information.

The Responsible for Compliance
ensures that all complaints received
are analyzed independently and confidentially.
The Responsible for Compliance it also ensures
that both the identity of the person which raises the doubt
and the identity of the accused person
will not be disclosed.
Only the necessary people will have information
about the case.

It’s something which is done or said
with confidence to another person
to keep it a secret.