Categories: Inclusive Volunteering, VolunteeringPublished On: 20 de May de 2022

Did you know that we have a volunteering program for persons with intellectual disabilities?

We present it to you: it is the #JoTbPuc program (that means I also can do it in Catalan), an inclusive volunteering program aimed at people with intellectual disabilities whom we support. This project aims to promote their social inclusion, while participating in voluntary activities, both in one-off actions and in others that involve a long-term commitment. This gives them a shot of positive energy and self-esteem, because they go from receiving supports to giving them.



For some time now we have been very keen to expand the training that our volunteers have. For this reason, we have organized a specific day tailored to people with intellectual disabilities, given by the trainer Noemí Sanmartí of the Catalan Social Voluntary Federation (FCVS). It was a very beneficial meeting, in which they learned basic aspects of volunteering, the motivations that move a person and the laws that govern this activity.


A unique opportunity to improve the service provided by the people we support the entities!